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Compost Tea & Natural Soil Amendments, Soil Testing, Compost Tea Production, & Application Services

Compost Tea can be applied to landscaping, lawn, gardens, golf courses, crops, orchards, and hay fields. Our products are safe for your children and pets. Natural Plant Solutions uses only natural soil amendments.

Benefits of using Compost Tea:

- revitalize compacted or infertile soil by adding nutrients, beneficial   microorganisms and organic compounds extracted from compost
- mitigate environmental stress
- increase root growth
- decrease watering requirements
- decrease or eliminate use of synthetics in turf and landscape     management
- decrease thatch in lawns due to increased decomposition rate
- decrease time to maturity in crops

We provide retail sales of natural and certified organic Down To Earth fertilizers, micronutrients, soil amendments, gardening tools, and other gardening products. We can source items from both the Gardening and Housewares catalogs. Please check out the Down To Earth website and then email or call us with a list of the item numbers you are interested in. We will then provide you with prices that include delivery to your island!

Thank you for your interest in our local San Juan County business promoting natural and organic gardening practices!

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